1460Pcs 1/4W Metal Film Resistor Kit Assortment Set Labelled 1%Precision 73Value

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Each value is packed with individual bag. All bags have label and put into one box. So you can directly choose the value you need rather than waste time to test its value one by one
Values : 73
Total quantity: 1460pcs

Package Included:

Package Included(20pcs of each value):
1ohm        1.2ohm      1.5ohm     1.8ohm       2.2ohm
2.7ohm     3.3ohm      3.9ohm     4.7ohm       5.6ohm
6.8ohm     8.2ohm      10ohm      12ohm        15ohm
18ohm      22ohm       27ohm      33ohm        39ohm
47ohm      56ohm       68ohm      82ohm        100ohm
120ohm    150ohm     180ohm     220ohm      270ohm
330ohm     390ohm    470ohm     560ohm      680ohm
820ohm    1kohm       1.2kohm     1.5kohm     1.8kohm
2.2kohm    2.7kohm    3.3kohm    3.9kohm     4.7kohm
5.6kohm    6.8kohm    8.2kohm    10kohm      12kohm
15kohm     18kohm     22kohm      27kohm     33kohm
39kohm     47kohm     56kohm      68kohm     82kohm
100kohm   120kohm   180kohm    220kohm   270kohm
330kohm   390kohm   150kohm    560kohm   680kohm
820kohm   1Mohm      470kohm