12V 30A 360W power supply PSU for 3D Printer CNC Arduino Reprap etc.

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12V 30A 360W AC-DC Universal Regulated Switching Power Supply for 3D Printer + LED

To Fit 3D Printer
UPC Does not apply
Type 3D Printer Switching Power Supply
Voltage 12V
Power 360W
EAN Does not apply
 Product features
High efficiency, high reliability
Sufficient power, good stability
Stable output voltage, wide output range
Quality assurance
Widely used in:
surveillance cameras, LED lamp belt, display, light box advertising, industrial equipment, 3D printers, vehicle mounted gas pump, car launch pad, car audio, etc.
Item name: switching power supply
Product model:S-360-12
Output voltage:12V,0-30A
Input Voltage: AC110V/230V
Safety Compliance: CCC,CE,RoHS
Shell Material: Metal case / Aluminum case 
Load stability: ±2.0(%)
Ripple and noise: 50mv P-P
Efficiency: 88%
Transistor connection mode: Semibridge system
Modulation mode: Pulse duration modulation
About power
Power supply is 100% in full, but the connection will be part of the power loss, it is recommended to use the power of 80%-85% products, to avoid load!
Use attention:
1, The input voltage should be within the prescribed scope of work
2, Is strictly prohibited in the use of high temperature environment, power supply should have good heat dissipation space and environment
3, The power supply is strictly prohibited on the installation of combustible gas, to stay away from the gas station or prohibit smoking